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GUBT provides manganese-steel cone liners, which are suitable for  cone crushers and gyrator crushers.

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Cone Liner

GUBT provides manganese-steel cone liners, which are suitable for multi-cylinder cone crushers, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crushers, and gyratory crushers.


GUBT has 1500+ standard molds for cone liners, covering most of the multi-cylinder cone crushers, single-cylinder cone crushers, spring cone crushers, and gyratory crushers on the market, and provides different cavity types to meet different application situations. At the same time, GUBT can customize the designs and produce cone liners based on customers’ needs and requirements.


GUBT can currently supply 1500+ cone liners. And we have made a continuous investment in new technologies for improving quality stability, reverse engineering, and manufacturing standards, so that our product coverage continues to grow rapidly.


GUBT's high-quality manganese steel crusher liners have been verified independently in mining and aggregate production. They can meet and even exceed the performance of the same products from OEM. GUBT's high-quality manganese steel is developed from the original Hadfield manganese steel specifications. Our products provide unparalleled toughness and excellent wear resistance, which improves as the steel products harden during operation.


We offer Mn14, Mn18, and Mn21 material grades, and we can also provide cost-effective solutions for your specific requirements.

Model list

Brands Series Model
G G3812,G3815,G5015
Metso HP HP100,HP200,HP300, HP4 ,HP400,HP5, HP500, HP6, HP700, HP800
MP MP800, MP1000, MP1250, MP2500
GP GP7,GP11F, GP11M, GP100S, GP100, GP200S, GP200, GP220, GP300S, GP300, GP330, GP500, GP500S, GP550, GP550S
SG SG4265,SG5065, SG5475, SG6089, SG6275
OminiCone OM937, OM1144, OM1352, OM1560
Sandvik H H22, H36, H45,H200, H1000, H1800, H2000, H2800, H3000, H3800, H4000, H4800, H6000, H6800, H7000, H7800 H8000
CH CH430,CH420, CH660, CH880, CH780, CH540, CH550, CH870, CH880, CH890, CH895
S S2000,S2800, S3000, S3800, S4000, S4800, S6000, S6800
CS CS420,CS430, CS440, CS660
Terex RC RC36 RC45 RC45-II RC54 RC54-II
MVP MVP380 MVP450 MVP550
TC TC1000 TC1150 TC1300
Trio TC TC36 TC51 TC66 TC84X
TP TP260 TP350 TP450 TP600 TP900
KPI-JCI K PLUS K200+ K300+ K400+
Symons Symons 3FT,4FT, 4 1/4FT, 5 1/2FT, 7FT
Telsmith SBS SBS 44, SBS 52, SBS 57
T T200 T300 T400 T500
McCloskey C C38 C44
FLSmidth XL XL900
ChyiMeang P P2S P3S P4S
GP GP200S GP300S GP500S
Minyu MSP MSP100,MSP200, MSP300
Allis Chalmers AC AC4265,AC5065, AC5475, AC6275,AC6089, AC60110, AC16505560

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