Experts Talk About Products: Barmac Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers – Chapter II

After a quite general introduction for Barmac Rotor’s inner components, Chapter two focuses on the unique construction of different Models for Barmac VSI crushers.


Barmac is the first vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher in the world with over 40 years of history. After a series of updates and improvements, Barmac now has mainly 3 Models: B6150 (Smallest), B7150 (Medium-sized), B9100 (largest).

Barmac® B Series™ vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers’ technical specifications

Barmac® B6150SE™ 75 – 160 kW (100 – 200 hp) 1 500 – 2 500 rpm 6 400 kg (14 100 lbs) 37 mm (1 ½”) 60 Mtph (66 Stph) 217 Mtph (238 Stph)
Barmac® B7150SE™ 160 – 320 kW (200 – 400 hp) 1 100 – 2 100 rpm 12 400 kg (27 300 lbs) 45 mm (1 ¾”) 125 Mtph (137 Stph) 545 Mtph (599 Stph)
Barmac® B9100SE™ 320 – 600 kW (400 – 800 hp) 1 000 – 1 800 rpm 14 400 kg (31 700 lbs) 50 mm (2”) 236 Mtph (289 Stph) 775 Mtph (852 Stph)
*Data source

* Material ejection speed from the rotor is 45 – 75 m/s 

Different Models might have different rotor sizes to choose from. For example, B9100 could use both Rotor 840 & Rotor 990. And different rotor sizes have 2 versions: Standard Version & Deep Version. Rotor 840 by B150 is used as an example to display their slight differences in components.


One by one and manufacturer VSI parts for years, GUBT is confident in its capability to provide you a complete service for supplying high-quality VSI parts and technical support.

Deep Version is longer in the highness of rotor body than Standard Version. So the difference for small parts is that Deep Version includes more rotor tips, cavity wear plates, and longer trail plates. It has 3 sets of rotor tips, while the Standard Version has only 2. But for the rest parts, all of them are the same.


By choosing the wrong part numbers, problems of installation will come with time and money wasted. GUBT has a good grasp of all the detailed knowledge about how to match these parts consisting of a VSI Barmac. After studying all the Barmac parts

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