Quality Control

Raw material

For each batch of main raw materials purchased, such as steel, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferromolybdenum, etc., component inspections will be performed to ensure product reliability from the source.

Mold Dimensions

After the drawings are ready for inspection and conversion, the mold department will be arranged for production. After the production is completed, at least 2 engineers in the inspection department will conduct cross-checks.


After the sand mold is made, it will enter the casting process. The molten steel must be spectrally inspected before it is released, and the records will be stored permanently. Inspected samples will be stored for at least three years.

Heat treatment

The water entering speed higher than the national is automatically controlled and recorded by the system. After heat treatment, the metallographic examination of the product will be carried out.


The product will be rectified and polished before machining, and then delivered to the QA department for dimensional inspection and submission of a dimensional inspection report.

Final Inspection

QC department will inspect every batch of products before delivery. Inspection programs include products’ dimensions, metallographic tests, chemical composition analysis, and so on. All these test results will be analyzed and approved by engineers and then send to the customers.